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Book 1 – A Time of Sorrow



Part 1: A Time of Sorrow

Author: Henry Hartmann

After the death of his father fighting for the British in the American War of Independence, 17 year old Owen Fortune is has to leave the tenanted Welsh hill farm where he was living with his family.

Having left his mother and sister with relatives he heads towards Bristol where a series of events lead him to  the position of clerk to a rich merchant, Richard Whitcroft. Under the trust of his employer Owen sets off to find out why his Jamaican sugar plantation is not returning a profit.

On the way he witnesses the horrors of the slave trade with Africa but it is only when he arrives in the Caribbean that his work really begins. It is fortunate that Owen is both clever and a quick learner as there are many difficulties and dangers waiting for him on the sultry slopes of the plantation Windsong.

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